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Crops / फसल > management of chilli leaf curl  

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management of chilli leaf curl
give management of chilli leaf curl virus?
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Re: management of chilli leaf curl
Leaf curl of chilli -

Leaves curl towards midrib and become deformed.
Stunted plant growth due to shortened internodes and leaves greatly reduced in size.
Flower buds abcise before attaining full size and anthers do not contain pollen grains.

The virus is generally transmitted by whitefly.
So control measures of whitefly in this regard would be helpful.

Whiteflies can be effectively attracted and controlled by yellow sticky traps, which are coated with grease and sticky oils.
Spray Triazophos 2ml/litre of water or Prophanophos 2 ml/litre of water.
Spraying of any Neem product (5% Neem oil before egg laying) or 5 kg Neem Kernel extract per acre with any sticky material.
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