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kaju plantation
We are planning a kaju plantation farm in ratnagiri disctrict of maharashtra, like to avail more information on this project, information required on plantation, finances, markets etc
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Re: kaju plantation
Cultivation of Kaju-
Cashew germinates slowly and poorly; several nuts are usually planted to the hole and thinned later. Propagation is generally by seeds, but may be vegetative from grafting, air-layering or inarching. Planting should be done in situ as cashew seedlings do not transplant easily. Recommended spacing is 10 x 10 m, thinned to 20 x 20 m after about 10 years, with maximum planting of 250 trees/ha. Once established, field needs little care. Intercropping may be done the first few years, with cotton, peanut, or yams. Fruits are produced after three years, during which lower branches and suckers are removed. Full production is attained by 10th year and continues to bear until about 30 years old. In dry areas, like Tanzania, flowering occurs in dry season, and fruits mature in 2–3 months. Flowers and fruits in various degrees of development are often present in same panicle.

You can get more information about cashew plantation in following link-


Under the scheme of National Horticultural Mission the financial assistance is provided for cultivation of hortil. crops.

The NHM is being implemented by the State Horticulture Mission of which the Mission Director is responsible for coordinating the programme. At the district level, the District level Committee is responsible for implementing the programme. The District Horticulture officer is the Member Secretary of the DLC, who may be contacted for availing the assistance.
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