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I am swagat from orissa .I want take some information of chillli farmming .Sir you send me some information . Points
1). Types of chilli .
2) Which field is switable for chilli farmaing .
3) Irigation system of chilli farmming .
4) calculation of total investment of farmming of 1 akers field .in detail .so it is a project .
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Re: chilli
Cultivation of chilli -
-There are two major kinds of chillies grown in india 1) Green chilli -used in different curries,also used to prepare chilli powder.2) Simla chilli - Mainly used for vegetables.
- Chilli requires well drained medium to heavy soil to grow well and to get good yields.
- season 1) Green chilli - kharif,rabbi and summer.
2) simla chilli - august or november
- seed rate-1) green chilli - 1-1.5 kg 2) simla chilli - 600 - 750 gm for one hectare area.
- Prepare 15 raised beds to grow the seedlings of 1 ha area.( size- 25 ft length, 4 ft breadth and 10 cm in height)
- In main field planting can be done by adopting the spacing of 60 x 60 cm or 60 x 45 cm depending on soil type. use 6 -7 week old seedling for plantation.
- Flat bed or ridges and furrows system can be used to cultivate the chilli in main field.
- seedlings should be dipped in the fungicidal solution of 25 gm dithane M - 45 + 30 gm sulphur before planting in the main field.
- Irrigated chilli should be provided with 25 tonns of farm yard manure( before planting), 320 kg urea, 320 kg super phosphate and 80-90 kg muriate of potash for per ha.cropped area. These fertilizers should be given in 4 equal doses. First at the time of planting, second 4 weeks, third 11 weeks and fourth 13 weeks after transplating.
- Crop should be irrigated considering to soil and climatic conditions.
- You can cultivate this crop on trial basis over a small area, considering the present market rates. You yourself can work out the total investment and income.
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