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7 12
i cant see 7 12 on www.mahabhulekh.mumbai.nic.in any problem to this web site ?
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Re: 7 12

Every collectorate has the facility of providing 7/12 extract on internet. You may also try at your tahsil office.

Mahabhumilekh is the website developed by the land revenue department. You may ask your talathi about the services in area. Although the department has done lot of efforts on 7/12 extract on internet there are some formalities that makes it still not very accessible.

You may check the following link - browse by entering your district name- tahsil name-village- survey number.


[Above information is based on recommendations from National Agriculture Research System. The Effectiveness of the recommendations varies from place to place with changes in natural resource and climate. Farmers are advised to use the information on their own responsibility. KVK Baramati shall not be responsible for any consequences.]
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