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Growth regulator
Dear Sir,
Thank you ver for your last guidence.
Now i want to know is there any reamedy for increasing the fruit size of muskmelon. which spray we can prefer. pease give us guidence.
Thanking you
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Re: Growth regulator
Dear Sir
- To get the good yields from muskmelon crop get your soil tested and apply the fertilizers accordingly.
- In general it is recommended to use 1 kgs of farm yard manure, 10-15 grams of calcium ammonium nitrate, 40 grams of super phosphate, and 10 grams of muriate of potash per pit during transplanting and remaining 10-15 grams of calcium ammonium nitrate one month after transplanting.
- Apart from this add organic manures, vermicomposts, and biofertilizers to increase the efficiency of soil to supply the available nutrients to the plant.
-Spray the crop with 25-50 ppm TIBA (a growth regulator) when crop attains two and fourth leaf stage. This will help to increase the number of female flowers and ultimately fruit set.

prasad kaledhonkar
krishi vigyan kendra
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