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Project report for goat farm
Iam planning for an goat farm in Gangavathi in Karnataka. Numbering of 400-500 goats for breeding and meat purpose. Which breed is better for that. and i want the project report .and availability of bank loans.
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Re: Project report for goat farm
Dear Sir,

Here are some tips for you and other new comers.

You can take land any where you want but see the following points before purchasing

 Water in the land
 Near by village so that labour can be easily available
 Near by Vet nary Clinic
 Title of the land is clear is not or their any litigations or not
 Easy transport from your place
 With in your Budget
 Away from Naxalite area
 Check whether other farmers are their in that area or not

Before starting the goat farming it is very essential to acquire goat management skills as this will help you in knowing the advantages of goat farming over sheep farming or other small ruminants like rabbit, different types of goat breeds in India and which breeds will be more suitable and can survive in your environment of Climate, types of farming but I recommend you to do semi intensive farming as less usage of fodder can be used from your land and animals can get exercise which can also help the Goats to be active during Mating Season, feeding schedule, breeding methods such folk system, pen system and Artificial Insemination, types of diseases like PPR, ET, Goat Pox that will effect goats, labour and fodder management and many more Management Styles.

Don’t purchase the live stock from local market, planned the fodder according to seasons and in time, managing the labour properly, vaccinating the live stock at specific time and with experience Nurse, Keeping qualified doctors for advice, beware of the Goat disease out break in surrounding areas, don’t buy the Live stock during Rainy Season, precaution against like serious diseases during Rainy Season, Security of farm from outsiders and not to allow the farmers to enter in your farm who are coming from Goat Diseases affected area.

Here are the few advantages of Osmanabadi Breed:
1- These goats are native of Osmanabad which enjoys its border with A.P; Osmanabad has similar type of climate as some parts of A.P and Karnataka. These goats can shows a very good performance in all the state of India.

2- Osmanabadi goat shows a very efficient reproductive performance and resistance against diseases not only in well managed semi stall feeding system but also in severe drought conditions. As per research conducted by NARI on Osmanabadi Goats in Maharashtra, in spite of drought which occurred in 2007 and 2008, there was no drop in the productivity rate of Osmanabad goat (Nimbkar, Pawar and Chavan 2010- NATIONAL SEMINAR on Stress Management in Small Ruminant Production and Product Processing Jaipur 29-31 January 2010)

3- The age at the first kidding is around 15 months with the lactation length of around 130 days. The dressing percentage varies from 55- 60 %. In favourable conditions the does will breed twice a year, twinning is very common and the milk yield ranged form 700 gm to 1500 gm.

4- From 30 kg live weight, you will get 18 kg of meat. In this 12 kg loss is due to non edible part of meat like Viscera, Hide, etc.

5- The leather of osmanabadi goat is fairly of good quality and its meat is preferred by majority of the rural and urban population in southern India.

6- In the end the weight of 6 months of Kid will be 22-25 Kg in well managed farm.

If you can purchase / have the land we can arrange for you project report on Osmanabadi Goats after taking all your details and requirements so that you can submit it to local bank for the loan approval and it will take 2 months from initial start.
NABARD Bank is also providing some subside to new Goat farmers so please find out about this in your State.
Note: we will also offer you buy back policy if you purchase the Good foundation stock from us because we will be already aware of which foundation stock we are providing you.
If you need any help and more details, please email me at under signed email address.
Syed Mustafa Hussain Razvi
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Re: Project report for goat farm
Yes.already explaned but i feel ,you might have to do survey of your area regarding shhep & goat rearing in a way to different farmers regarding their per year expenditure or either outcome for their business.Also go through following points for shhep or either goat farming-
Whichever is the business, want to become profitable needs following things (Goat / sheep point of view):-
1)Quality animals:- Animals which can sustain in perticular climatic conditions & having proper breed character needed for goatary business.Eg- According to geographical situations,anima accustoms with environment & give production.From these animals ,selection of good quality animals.
2)Management- As the production of animal is increases according to high quality animals demand for good quality fodder,concentrate,water,housing and care is needed more .If this is not fulfilled ,then goat owner can have a loss in terms of less meat production as well as economic losses.So it is necessary for goat owner to access his strength for providing this kind of facilities for its animals.So for that if goat owner has good kind of knowledge (By training & practice)and will to do whatever work in his goat farm,then he can be profitable goat farmer.As per my knowledge this is 24 hours business & it can not be as supervisor's job.
3)Facilities:- Whatever facilities required for dairy like availability of farm land,availability of fodder throughout the year,availability of veterinarian,skill for first aid treatment,skill for feed formulation is important for goat farmer.Goat owner must provide minimum kind of facilities which are needed for his animals.
4)Market- Before producing meat or other goat product,it is better to search what are market opprtunities in your area.See if there is no any goat farm functioning in your area what are the resions behind it?If there is no any farmer who dare to take this entreprice then it is opportunity to you set up good quality of goat farm.If market is not there ,try to create your own market by creating demand for your product in the market.
5)Value addition- In business of goat farming,it is better to not to rely on only one entreprise or product eg- meat,If you do value addition in kid for weight gin in short time or good male kids for breeding purpose etc.,You will get more money,If you do value addition in goat dung by preparing vermicompost you will get more money .
So think on this aspect, Do personal visits for survey the area,try to find out market as well as study market chains developed in that perticular area.Then make decision for dairy farming .
6)To be updated- For goatowner it is necessary to aware about new practices & changes in goat farming.So for that he must take training before starting the goat or any animals related enterprise & after that timely necessary trainings to become updated .New practices,trends & changes in management will be helpfult to reduce the losses & improve production of animals.He must be adaptive & positive in nature & willing to take responcibilities or change as & when needed.
7) Keep records- Some farmers which do not have land but are successfully run their business because they keep records for feed,fodder,Meat/Milk production,Reproduction,health & management aspects.In which they can get ideas as well as point our problematic points or situatuation to avoid losses.Today,many goat farmers are not keeping records as like businessman,so they do know what is the status of the goatary they are running now.
On the above points,you may decide number of animals to be kept for goat farming which can run sucessfully.Also visit to nearest goat farms which are running their farms very well & then share the ideas with them for runing successful goat farm.
Please see following link for getting more details:-
FOr bank loan ,You may approach to different local Branches of local or nationalised banks or cooperative banks which can offer you loan.The main thing is they require different kinds of documents regarding your business of agriculture or animals husbandry.For information of loan scheme of banks throgh NABARD,you may approach to following address of NABARD office(See NABARD is not acting as direct financing agency but it acts through different finacial institues like banks),The address is -
Assistant General Manager
Flat No.4.Fo4, Siri Enclave, D.No.48-17-2,Nagarjuna Nagar(opp NTR Health University),VIJAYAWADA - 520008, KRISHNA
STD : 08662 : 843124
Email: nmadhumurthy@sify.com, nabard_vjw@dataone.in
For project report ,you may go through following link-

[Above information is based on recommendations from National Agriculture Research System. The Effectiveness of the recommendations varies from place to place with changes in natural resource and climate. Farmers are advised to use the information on their own responsibility. KVK Baramati shall not be responsible for any consequences.]
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Baramati, Pune Dist

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  Expert Name: Dr. D.P.Bhoite
Phone Number: 02112-255207

Re: Project report for goat farm
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