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Marigold Cultivation

Dear Sir,

Plz Provide Details of marigold Cultivation preferbly in marathi Language..........................




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Re: Marigold Cultivation
marigold can be cultivated at 5.6-6.5 ph of soil.soil should be well drained one.sand mixed loamy soils are best.
it can be grown at any season of year,but rainy season is best for high yields.
some varieties are African yellow,zaints double,Orange etc
Seeds-----80 grams per acre
Farm yard manure----8 Tons per acre
NPK------------------100kg Nitrogen,24 kg P2O5 and 24 kg K2o
Raise healthy seedlings-- one month seedlings are ready for transplanting
Row to row spacing---60 cm and Plant to plant is 45 cm
Fertilizers---apply all P and K ,and 50% of N at planting
Top dress----Remaining 50% N at 45 days
At 30-40 days topping should be done .
Irrigate at every 4-5 days depending on situations
Mentain weed free field by 3 times weeding
If any insect and disease noticed,take appropriate remedy.
Usually spray any systemic insectide+Hexaconazole @1 ml per litre to avoid insects and diseases.
For control of mites--- spray dicofol 2.5 ml or Magister 2.0 ml per litre of water.
Yield--- start yielding after 2and half months after transplanting
& it will be continued for 75 days.
So totally 4000 kg flowers per acre are expected.
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