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Andhra Pradesh

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Dairy Farm Details

Dear All,

 Iam planning to start a dairy farm within a short period. Can any one answer my queris.

1. which kind of buffaloes we need to purchase and from where to purchase

2. how much milk obtained from one buffalo and upto what time period.

3. how much minimum land required.

4. what is the price of single buffalo.

and what ever u think to know appropriate kindly send me the details.


Thank you......

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Re: Dairy Farm Details
Visit :

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Re: Dairy Farm Details

According to market demand for milk ,you may prefer to Murrah or Mehsana buffaloes for milk production in AP.Specially Murrah is good which having origin in Rihtak In Haryana or some part of Delhi area also.The cost for purchase of Murrah is ranging from 40 to 45 thousands having avarege 12 litres daily milk production.In proper management ( Feeding,Housing & care etc) ,these animals may give milk up to 6- 7 months after parturition.I have not any authorised contact details for purchase of these buffaloes.For land requirement you may see following attachment to study it thoroughly.The minimum weight of Murrah buffalo ranging from 500-600 kgs so think o this for calculation of daily fodder requirement,ratin & land requirement through studying the attachments given below.The pther breed of Buffalo like Pandharpuri is also good as it also con give 10 litres of milk production with good management compaired to Murrah or Mehsana .Pandharpuri buffalo is lean in body condition & requires less feed & maintanenece as compaired to Murrah & is good in disease resistance.The native tract of Pandharpuri buffalo is Pandharpur Akluj area of Solapur district in maharashtra.
It is essential if you take training on buffalo management prior to starting buffalo farm as it will clear you ideas & goals for buffalo farming.


[Above information is based on recommendations from National Agriculture Research System. The Effectiveness of the recommendations varies from place to place with changes in natural resource and climate. Farmers are advised to use the information on their own responsibility. KVK Baramati shall not be responsible for any consequences.]
Feed & fodder management in dairy animals.pdf (1434628 bytes) (Download Count: 312)

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