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Punjab National Bank
Punjab national bank Scheme for Financing Agri-Business Projects with venture capital assistance from Small Farmers' Agri-Business Consortium
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Re: Punjab National Bank

  Punjab National Bank

1. Scheme for Financing Agri-Business Projects with venture capital assistance from Small Farmers' Agri-Business Consortium (SFAC)

PURPOSE: To provide Venture Capital Assistance to agri-business projects and to set up a Project Development Facility to assist producer groups/organizations in formulation of economically viable agri-business projects.

ELIGIBILITY: SFAC will provide Venture Capital Assistance for qualifying projects of individuals/ producer groups / organizations which meet the following criteria: -

  1. Projects are dependent upon agricultural or allied produce,
  2. Projects provide direct access to producers as assured market,
  3. Projects encourage farmers to diversify into high value crops aimed to increase farm incomes,
  4. The Bank has accepted the project for grant of term loans after satisfactory techno-commercial feasibility,
  5. The intending project must be over Rs.50 lakh in size (Rs. 25 lakh in case of North-Eastern States and other Hilly Areas). Projects recommended by State SFACs can be considered for higher assistance under the Project Development Facility (PDF).

NATURE OF LOAN: Term Loan, Cash Credit and Composite loan.

  EXTENT OF LOAN : Need based.

EXTENT OF VENTURE CAPITAL ASSISTANCE: The amount of Venture Capital Assistance shall be the lowest of

  1. 10 per cent of the project cost assessed by the bank OR
  2. 26 per cent of project equity OR
  3. Rs.75.00 lakh.

REPAYMENT OF LOAN: Repayment of loan shall be 5-6 years excluding gestation period.

 2. Venture Capital Fund Scheme for Dairy / Poultry Sector


To provide financial assistance to individuals, NGOs, Public and Private Sector Undertakings, Cooperatives, etc for the following purposes.

  1. To promote setting up of modern dairy farms for production of clean milk.
  2. To bring structural changes in the unorganized sector processing and marketing of pasteurized milk at village level.
  3. To bring about up gradation of quality and traditional technology to handle milk on a commercial scale.
  4. To boost the unorganized poultry sector in states where development is in primitive state and also to give incentive and create infrastructure facilities for export of poultry products by organized sector from advanced states.
  5. Establishment of poultry and breeding farms with low input technology and also for other poultry species.
  6. Setting up of poultry feed plant/ laboratory.
  7. Setting up of egg grading, packing and storing facility for export.
  8. Marketing of poultry products (specialized transport vehicles, cold storage, etc.).


  1. Farmers/individual entrepreneurs and groups of all sections of unorganized as well as organized sector will be eligible under the Scheme.
  2. Preference may be given to traditional sweet makers (Halwais) to improve quality and hygiene of their products. In poultry, preference will be given to Pheriwalas (Hawkers), which will generate self-employment for urban poor.
  3. Veterinary Science Graduates alone will be considered for providing loan under the component of Veterinary Clinics.

NATURE OF LOAN: Term Loan & Cash Credit

EXTENT OF LOAN : The fund will be distributed among dairy and poultry activities with an overall ratio of 2:1. The extent of loan will be ranging from Rs.1.5 to 25 lakh for Dairy sector and Rs. 0.10 to 80 lakh for poultry sector based on activities undertaken. The loan amount will be 40 per cent of the project cost.

 VENTURE CAPITAL ASSISTANCE: 50 per cent of the project cost/proposal.

  REPAYMENT OF LOAN : Repayment period of loan will be up to maximum of 9 years including grace period of two years.




3. Scheme for providing credit for projects for development and strengthening of infrastructure facilities for production and distribution of seeds


PURPOSE : The Scheme aims at providing credit for projects for development creation of infrastructure for seed production, i.e, seed cleaning / grading / processing / treating / packaging, seed storage units, seed testing labs, etc.

ELIGIBILITY: Individuals, Private Companies, Corporate, Self Help Groups (SHGs) and Seed Cooperatives.

 NATURE OF LOAN: Term loan, Cash Credit and Composite Loan

  EXTENT OF LOAN: Need based.

 REPAYMENT PERIOD : Repayment period is unto 11 years including a grace period of one year.


4. Capital Investment Subsidy Scheme for commercial production units of organic inputs under National Project on Organic Farming    

PURPOSE : To provide financial assistance for setting up of the commercial production units as well as expansion/renovation of existing units of organic inputs like vermi-compost, bio-fertilizers, fruit & vegetable waste compost, etc.

  ELIGIBILITY: Individuals, Group of farmers/growers, Partnership/Proprietary firms, NGOs, Self Help Groups (SHGs), Companies, Corporations, Co-operatives, Seed industry, Fertilizer industry, Private entrepreneurs, etc. in the entire country.

  NATURE OF LOAN: Term loan and Working capital.

  SUBSIDY: Each unit will be provided with a subsidy @ 25% of the capital cost of the project subject to the ceiling of:

  1. Rs 20 lakh for biofertilisers;
  2. Rs 1.5 lakh for vermiculture hatcheries;
  3. Rs 40 lakh for fruit & vegetable waste compost production units.

  REPAYMENT PERIOD: The loan shall be repayable in 8-10 years depending upon the activity.

  IMPLEMENTING AGENCY: The scheme will be implemented by National Centre of Organic Farming, Ghaziabad and its six Regional Offices in collaboration with Agriculture & Co-operation Departments of the State Governments concerned.

5. Scheme for development / strengthening of agriculture marketing infrastructure, grading and standardization  

  PURPOSE: To provide financial assistance to develop/strengthen marketing infrastructure in agriculture and allied sectors.

  ELIGIBILITY: Individuals, Group of farmers/growers/consumers, Partnership/Proprietary firms, NGOs, Self Help Groups (SHGs), Companies, Corporations, Co-operatives, Co-operative Marketing Federations, Local Bodies, Agriculture Produce Market Committee and Marketing Boards in the entire country.

  NATURE OF LOAN: Term loan and Working capital.


  1. The credit-linked back-ended subsidy shall be provided on the capital cost of the project.
  2. Subsidy at the rate of 25% with an upper ceiling of Rs.50 lakh in all areas for all categories of promoters.
  3. In case of North Eastern States, Hilly and Tribal areas and for entrepreneurs belonging to SC/STs and their Cooperatives at 33.33% subject to ceiling at Rs.60 lakh.

REPAYMENT OF LOAN: The repayment period shall be upto 11 years including the grace period of 2 years.

IMPLEMENTING AGENCY: Directorate of Marketing and Inspection (DMI), Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India is the nodal agency to operate the scheme.

6. Scheme for Financing Farmers Growing Sugar Cane Crop in Tie up Arrangement with Sugar Mill Acting as Business Facilitator

  PURPOSE: To provide Crop Loans for cultivation of sugar Cane under tie up arrangement with Sugar Mills acting as Business Facilitator.

ELIGIBILITY: Farmers growing and supplying Sugar Cane.


EXTENT OF LOAN: Need based Maximum Rs.3.00 Lakh

REPAYMENT OF LOAN: 12/18 months. To be synchronized with harvesting of crop.

7. Scheme for Financing Micro-Financing Institutions (Mfis) For On-Lending To Individual Members or their SHGS/JLGS.


a. Project Based Lending:

Bank finance may be extended to MFIs as Project based lending. Project Based Lending:

If the MFI clients desire to set up entrepreneurial activity either at Village/Cluster/Federation level, the project cost of an individual unit may be prepared and all such individual unit costs be aggregated into a comprehensive project cost and based on the viability of the project and number of units proposed to be set up in a particular area, the Bank may consider financing the activity through the MFI.

Example: Setting up of Milk Chilling units by SHGs in areas nearer to Dairy /Milk processing units.

b. Client Based Lending:

The client base of MFI is built up over a period of time and they are continuously serviced, nurtured and monitored by the MFIs. Based on the past performance and future projections we may finance the MFIs. The MFI should furnish the particulars of Groups proposed to be assisted in the format suggested below

Eligible intermediaries engaged in Micro finance activities:

i) Not for profit MFIs:

a) Societies registered under Societies Registration Act, 1860 or similar State Acts.

b) Public Trusts registered under the Indian Trusts Act 1882

c) Non Profit companies registered under Section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956.

(ii) Mutual Benefit MFIs:

a) State Cooperative Societies (incorporated under State Co-operative Acts)

b) National Credit Cooperatives (Central Multi State Co-operative Act)

c) Mutually Aided Cooperative Societies (MACS)-only in Andhra Pradesh so far incorporated under Andhra Pradesh Mutually Aided Co-op. Societies Act 1995)

(iii) For Profit MFIs:

Non Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) registered under the companies Act, 1956 (NBFCs which are accepting deposits are required to be registered with RBI)

Nature of facility: Term Loan, Short Term Loan and Working Capital Requirements.

Extent of Loan: Maximum Rs.100 Crore

Repayment: Term Loan is repayable over a period of 3 to 7 years.

8. Scheme for Financing against Pledge of Warehouse Receipts issued by National Bulk Handling Corporation Ltd. (NBHC)

  i) Purpose: The purpose of the scheme is to provide liquidity to the borrowers.

ii) Eligibility: Farmers (including Associations of Farmers like Primary Agricultural Co-Op. Societies, Farmers Societies including Marketing Societies provided their bye laws permit availing such loans). Traders and Processors/ Exporters/ Importers who are original depositors of the receipts issued by NBHC covering non – perishable agricultural commodities and excluding all perishable agricultural commodities

iii)Nature of Facility: Demand Loan or Cash Credit Running Account Facility against pledge of warehouse receipts.

IV) Extent of Loan:

Need based with Min. of Rs.50000/- (Fifty thousand only) and maximum

• Rs.10.00 lakh per Individual Farmers, including SHG/JLG.

• Rs.25.00 crore to Sole Proprietor ship concerns and Partnership Firms,

• Rs.50.00 crore to Other Borrowers.

v) Margin:

20% to 40% on various specified non-perishable agriculture commodities. On other non-perishable agriculture commodities, minimum 25%.

VI) Repayment:

i) Demand Loan shall be sanctioned for a period not exceeding twelve months from the date of receipt.

ii) Cash Credit Running Account Facility shall be valid for one year and renewable thereafter. However, the period of advance against individual warehouse receipts shall not exceed twelve months.

vii) Nodal Officer: Nodal Officer is available in each Circle Office as one touch point for coordinating the implementation of the Scheme.


PURPOSE: Loan is provided to cover short term working capital for agriculture activities, other domestic requirements such as education, consumable items, medical expenses, etc., term credit needs of the farmers and credit against debt from non-institutional lenders.

ELIGIBILITY: Progressive literate and illiterate farmers who are owner cultivators, tenants, lessee or allotted farmers with recorded occupancy rights or farmers with ancestral/perpetual rights of cultivation/Joint Liability Groups(JLGs). Oral tenants can be eligible for loan only if land owners agree to become co-borrowers. In the accounts which are secured by liquid securities like FDR, NSC/KVP etc., the cards to oral tenants can be issued without stipulating the condition of land owners to be made co-borrowers. Landless laborers, share croppers, tenant farmers and oral lessees can be issued PNB Krishi Card upto limit of Rs 50,000 on the basis of affidavit.

EXTENT OF LOAN: Maximum Rs.10 lakh

Fixation of limit: Limit is fixed for term loan and working capital requirement limit for agricultural and allied activities, etc., based on the unit cost of the assets proposed to be acquired by the farmer, the allied activities already being undertaken on the farm repaying capacity.

Maximum limit of Rs 10 lakh is allowed as under:

Maximum Rs 5 lakh for cash credit limit for crop production, consumption needs & working capital for allied activities. Entire cash credit limit under the scheme may be disbursed in cash. For consumption needs, loan may be sanctioned upto 25% of the limit or Rs 50000/-, whichever is lower.

Need based term loan within overall ceiling of Rs 10 lakh including cash credit limit mentioned above & loan (maximum up to Rs.50, 000) for relief against indebtedness from non-institutional money-lenders

REPAYMENT OF LOAN: Term loan including loan for relief against indebtedness from non-institutional lenders may be repayable in 5 years. However, in case of term loan where repayment period is more than 5 years, longer repayment period as prescribed under the respective scheme is allowed.


PURPOSE: Bank will provide package loan to the farmers for undertaking various agricultural and allied activities for production as well as investment purposes and to meet the consumption credit requirements of the farmers. Besides, loan is also provided for processing/storage/value addition activities post harvest technology.

ELIGIBILITY: Farmers who are owner-cultivators, tenants, lessee or allotted-farmers with recorded occupancy rights or farmers with ancestral/perpetual rights of cultivation. Individual farmers or group of farmers having aptitude/adequate experience together with minimum land holding, if stipulated in the respective agriculture credit scheme, will be eligible for investment loan.

EXTENT OF LOAN: Need based. The farmer shall draw out his plan encompassing all agricultural activities on the basis of which extent of loan is determined. Consumption loan is allowed upto Rs.50, 000 or 25 per cent of the total limit, whichever is lower.

Farmers intending to avail both production as well as investment credit will be eligible to be covered under the scheme.

NATURE OF LOAN: Cash credit/ term loan/ overdraft/ composite loan depending upon the requirement of the farmers.

REPAYMENT OF LOAN: The repayment period is fixed as per the individual scheme.


PURPOSE: Loan is sanctioned for productive purpose (production and investment credit) related to agriculture and allied activities, Rural Housing related activities, and Consumption.

SUB-LIMIT: 20% of the overall limit or Rs.2 lakh, whichever is lower is given for rural housing activities. However, loan for housing purpose will be allowed only if the mortgage of agricultural land for non agriculture purpose is permissible in the State. 30% of the overall limit or Rs 3 lakh which ever is lower (including 20% of the limit or Rs 2 lakh, whichever is lower, for rural housing activities) is given for consumption purposes.

ELIGIBILITY: Only existing good agricultural land owner borrowers who have been continuously availing of any farm advance against mortgage of agriculture land and having no NPA record for last THREE years as on the date of application will be eligible. If the land mortgaged is in the name of more than one farmer then all will be eligible jointly.The condition of three years may be relaxed in case of new farmers having a good amount of deposit for the last three years provided the same is secured by 100% liquid collateral security or loan is secured by 50% liquid collateral security and 50% by mortgage of land ( valued at 50%of bank loan for small/marginal farmers & 75 % of bank loan for others)

Loan limit will be the lowest of:
5 times average annual (2 years) income from agriculture and allied activities of the borrower.
50% of value of mortgage land.

Maximum limit: Rs.10 lakh

Nature of maximum limit of Rs 10 lakh may be as under:-

  • Maximum Rs 5 lakh for cash credit limit for crop production, consumption needs (other than housing) & working capital for allied activities;
  • Need based term loan within overall ceiling of Rs.10 lakh including cash credit limit mentioned above & loan maximum up to Rs.2 lakh for Rural Housing.

RURAL HOUSING LOAN: If the land for which the house related loan is given is in the name of spouse then spouse will be co-borrower.

Maximum age limit at the time of sanction of loan is 60 years. Applicants above 60 years but maximum 65 years may be considered for sanction of loan if all the legal heir join as guarantors.

Required approval from competent authority for plan, etc., will have to be submitted.

Other requirements of Bank’s Housing Loan Scheme are to be fulfilled.

REPAYMENT OF LOAN: In case of Production Credit/Consumption Credit aggregate credit into the account during 12 months period should at least be equal to the maximum outstanding in the account.

For housing loan maximum repayment period is 9 years including gestation period of 12 months.

For Main Agricultural Activities the repayment period is allowed upto maximum of 9 years.

For allied agriculture activities repayment period is allowed upto maximum of 7 years.


PURPOSE: Bank accepts gold ornaments and jewellery, fixed deposits, National Savings Certificates and Kisan Vikas Patra as security for agricultural loans, so long as the quantum of loan required is in consonance with crops grown or the investment proposed and repaying capacity likely to be generated and not with reference to value of securities pledged.

ELIGIBILITY: Applicant should be an agriculturist.

EXTENT OF LOAN: Amount of loan is fixed according to the prescribed scale of finance for agricultural loan/approved unit cost.

REPAYMENT: In case of credit facilities are required farmers for meeting credit requirements on an on-going basis, instead of observing seasonality, the limit is to be brought to credit once in a year for a week.


PURPOSE: To meet short term credit requirement to adjust/repay the outstanding crop loan/KCC limit availed by farmers from the bank and to procure better price by storing farm produce and selling it at favorable price within a specified period

ELIGIBILITY: All the farmers irrespective of whether they were given crop loans for raising the produce or not will be eligible for the advances. However, where the farmers have availed KCC facility for crop production/composite cash credit limit from our bank for raising the crops, the same should not be overdue for repayment.

NATURE & EXTENT OF FACILITY: Short term loan. Maximum upto Rs.5 lakh. The loan would be twice the amount of crop loan taken by farmer or 75 per cent of the value of the produce calculated at the Government announced procurement prices, whichever is lower.

REPAYMENT OF LOAN: Produce (Marketing) Loan shall be repaid within a maximum period of twelve months from the date of its disbursement.


PURPOSE: Loan is sanctioned for Purchase of new tractors and matching implements/equipments, purchase of new power tillers, purchase of second hand tractors with matching implements, purchase of agricultural machinery, repair/renovation of tractors.


For tractors:
Farmer or a group of farmers holding land jointly should have a land holding either owned by them or held by them on perpetual leasehold rights of minimum 2.5 acres of perennially irrigated land or corresponding acreage. Economic viability of financing tractor in each case shall be worked out. Thus, financing of tractor shall be done after ensuring economic viability of the tractor loan proposal.
For Power tillers: Farmer or a group of farmers holding land jointly should have a land holding either owned by them or held by them on perpetual lease hold rights of minimum 1.5 acres of perennially irrigated land or corresponding acreage. Financing of power tiller shall be done after ensuring economic viability of the power tiller proposal.
For other farm machinery/equipments:
No condition of minimum land holding has been stipulated. Farmer should have proper scope for utilization of assets and based on economics should be in a position to conveniently repay loan.

EXTENT OF LOAN: Need based loan.

INSURANCE: The tractor borrowers who have opted for PNB Farmers’ Welfare Fund Scheme are required to get their tractor and matching implements insured against “Liability”(third party) under the Insurance Act to get insurance coverage.

Subscription will be recovered from the accounts of borrowers who give their consent to opt for PNB Farmers Welfare Fund Scheme. The structure of fee is as under :-

a) Rs.800/- : for 12 months of calendar year.
b) Rs.400/- : for less than 6 months in a calendar year.

REPAYMENT OF LOAN: Repayment of loan is to be made in half yearly/yearly installments as under: -



Repayment period (Years)





Second hand tractors



Power tillers



Other farm machinery:
a) Small & marginal farmers

7 (including repayment holiday of one year)


b) Other farmers



Repair/renovation of tractors


NOTE: Repayment period shall be fixed on a case by case basis depending on nature of repairs, category of farmer and his repayment capacity, etc.



PURPOSE : To provide loan for purchase of second hand tractor to eligible farmers.

ELIGIBILITY: Farmer or a group of farmers holding land jointly should have a land holding either owned by them or held by them on perpetual leasehold rights of minimum 2.5 acres of perennially irrigated land or corresponding acreage. Thus, financing of tractor shall be done after ensuring economic viability of the tractor loan proposal.

EXTENT OF LOAN: Amount of loan will be 75% of depreciated value of tractor. Down payment of 25% at depreciated value of tractor to be financed is to be met by borrower from his own sources. Loan for second hand tractor and three implements including a trailer shall be restricted to Rs.1, 50, 000/- (Rupees one lakh fifty thousand only).


PURPOSE: Loan is given for financing purchase of combine harvester.

ELIGIBILITY: In case of farmers: Applicant should be able to maintain and run combine harvester or should make suitable arrangements for the same. In case of persons other than farmers: Applicant should be technically qualified having adequate know-how, skill and managerial ability to run custom service units. In case of State Agriculture Farms/Corporations: State Agriculture Farms/ Corporations engaged in land development activities should have adequate resources and command area to run and maintain combine harvesters.

EXTENT OF LOAN: Need based.

REPAYMENT OF LOAN: 5-7 years in half-yearly installments.



PURPOSE: Purchase of Pump sets, construction of Dug wells, deepening of Wells/Repair to wells, Bore wells, Shallow Tube wells, Deep Tube wells, Installation of Persian Wheels/Rehats, Sprinkler Sets, Drip Irrigation, Solar Pumps, Wind Mills, Check Dams, Construction of pump house, water tanks, laying of field channels, pipe lines and water courses, Use of PVC and MS pipes and GI bends Standby Diesel Engines, Pump sets fitted on Trolleys, Bicycle along with Diesel pump sets Replacement of pumping equipment, Generator sets for energisation of pump sets used for agricultural purposes, Lift Irrigation and related activities.


I. A farmer intending to implement a minor irrigation project must have a holding of at least 2.5 acres of land. Project must be technically feasible and financially viable.

II. Group Financing – Community Projects: Small and marginal farmers in groups or community minor irrigation projects are also financed.

NATURE OF LOAN: Medium term loan.

EXTENT OF LOAN: Need based

REPAYMENT OF LOAN: Ranges from 5-15 years depending on individual activity.


PURPOSE: Financial assistance will be made available mainly for establishment and development of new orchards or groves of fruit crops, plantation crops, ornamental crops, medicinal plants, essential oil/aromatic plants etc, rejuvenation of existing orchards or plantation, raising vegetables, raising flower crops, inter-cropping in horticultural crops, Marketing loan to meet picking, grading, crating, forwarding and transportation costs etc..

ELIGIBILITY: Individual farmers or group of farmers with stipulated land holding , and Public Sector Undertakings or private firms desirous of seeking financial assistance for plantation of fruit trees or other economic plants on project basis.

NATURE OF FACILITY: Short term loan or cash credit facility is provided for production purposes and Medium term loan for development of orchards or vegetable/flower gardens.

EXTENT OF LOAN: Need based. However, working Capital loan would depend upon scales of finance. In case marketing loan is also considered, it does not exceed 20 per cent of the estimated value of crop.

GESTATION PERIOD: Gestation period will vary with variety of plants/trees grown.


Short Term Loans:

Crop Loan: Loan disbursed for raising vegetable crops, flower crops or other inter-cropping shall be recovered within 6-8 weeks of harvest of crop unless loans are given as composite loans taking into account both production and investment credit needs. In such cases, loan would be recovered in 4-5 years.

Marketing Loan: Repayment within 4 months from date of loan.

Medium Term Loan:
Repayment period (inclusive of gestation) in respect of medium term loans shall be in the range of 4-15 years.


(i) To supplement the efforts of Government Extension System.

(ii) To make available supplementary sources of input supply and services to needy farmers.

(iii) To provide gainful employment to Agricultural Graduates in new merging areas in agricultural sector.

(i) Agri-clinics: Agri-clinics are envisaged to provide expert services and advice to farmers on cropping practices, technology, dissemination, crop protection from pests and diseases, market trends and prices of various crops in the markets and also clinical services for animal health, etc., which would enhance productivity of crops/animals.

(ii) Agri-business Centres: Agri-Business Centres are envisaged to provide input supply, farm equipments on hire and other services.

PURPOSE: Financial assistance is provided to the eligible persons for any economically viable activity selected by the Graduates acceptable to the Bank: -

(i) Soil and water quality-cum-inputs testing laboratories (with Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers).

(ii) Pest surveillance, diagnostic and control services.

(iii) Maintenance, repairs and custom hiring of agricultural implements and machinery including micro-irrigation (sprinkler and drip) systems.

(iv) Agri-service centers including the three activities mentioned above (Group activity).

(v) Seed processing units.

(vi) Micro-propagation through Plant Tissue Culture Labs and Hardening Units.

(vii) Setting up of vermiculture units, production of bio-fertilizers, bio- pesticides, bio-control agents.

(viii) Setting up of Apiaries (bee keeping) and honey & bee products processing units.

(ix) Provision of Extension Consultancy Services.

(x) Facilitation and agency of agricultural/insurance services.

(xi) Hatcheries and production of fish finger-lings for aquaculture.

(xii) Provision of livestock health cover, setting up veterinary dispensaries and services including frozen semen banks and liquid nitrogen supply.

(xiii) Setting up of Information Technology Kiosks in rural areas for access to various agriculture related portals.

(xiv) Feed Processing and Testing Units.

(xv) Value Addition Centres.

(xvi) Setting up of Cool-Chain from the farm level onwards (Group Activity).

(xvii) Post Harvest Management Centres for sorting, grading, standardization, storage and packaging.

(xviii) Setting up of Metallic/Non-Metallic Storage Structures (Group Activity).

(xix) Retail marketing outlets for processed Agri-products.

(xx) Rural marketing dealerships of farm inputs and outputs.

(xxi) Internet kiosks either separately or in combination of any of the eligible project activities selected by the entrepreneurs.

(i) The applicant should be Agricultural Graduates/Graduates in subjects allied to agriculture like horticulture, animal husbandry, and forestry, dairy, veterinary, poultry farming, pisciculture and other allied agricultural activities.

(ii) Individuals or in group of not exceeding 5 persons; of which one could be a Management Graduate with qualification or experience in business development and management.

EXTENT OF LOAN: Need-based; subject to the following:-

(i) Project by Individual: Rs.10 lakh

(ii) Project in Group: Rs.50 lakh

REPAYMENT OF LOAN: Loan shall be repayable in monthly/ quarterly/ half-yearly/ yearly schedule depending upon the income generation from the project or as prescribed in the respective Credit Schemes of the bank


PURPOSE: The objective of the Scheme is to finance the farmers to purchase, develop and cultivate agricultural as well as fallow and wasteland.

ELIGIBILITY: Small and marginal farmers and Share croppers/Tenant farmers.

EXTENT OF LOAN: It will depend on the area of the land to be purchased and its valuation and also development cost. However, maximum extent of loan under the Scheme shall be restricted to Rs.5 lakh.

REPAYMENT OF LOAN: Loan is to be repaid in 7-10 years in half-yearly/ yearly installments including maximum moratorium period of 24 months.


PURPOSE: Loan is considered for Investment Credit and Working Capital (For initial one crop only).

ELIGIBILITY: Loan is considered for individuals as well as for large sized units possessing adequate experience of mushroom cultivation.

EXTENT OF LOAN: Need based.

REPAYMENT OF LOAN: Maximum 7 years including gestation period depending upon repaying capacity of borrower.


Scheme for financing poultry farming provides for investment credit for construction of sheds and purchase of equipments on the one hand and production credit for purchase of day old chicks, feed, medicines, etc., on the other hand. Financial assistance shall be made available to the intending borrowers as under: -

For subsidiary activity:

Investment credit will be provided in the shape of medium term loan for acquiring fixed assets whereas production credit will be given to meet the working capital requirements in the shape of Short Term Loan.

For main activity:

Investment credit will be provided as medium term loan whereas production credit will be given either in the shape of cash credit limit or as an integral component of investment credit.


For subsidiary activity:
Small farmers, landless agricultural labourers or any other persons who are under-employed and intend to supplement income through poultry. He should be having adequate land/shed where he/she proposes to establish poultry farm.

For main activity:
The applicant should be well experienced in running poultry unit and should be engaged/desirous of engaging himself in such an activity on commercial basis as his main vocation. He should be having required land/shed where he intends to establish or enlarge a poultry farm.

Unit size:
Minimum size of the poultry unit to be financed as subsidiary activity should be 500 birds.

EXTENT OF LOAN: Extent of loan will be need-based.

REPAYMENT OF LOAN: Production credit, if given as short term loan, would be recovered in maximum period of 18/12 months providing gestation period of 6/3 months in the case of layers and broilers, respectively.

Repayment of investment loan shall start after adequate gestation period (upto 12 months in the case of layers and upto 3 months in the case of broilers) in suitable monthly/quarterly/half-yearly installments over a period of 6-7 years in the case of small farmers depending upon their repaying capacity.


Dairy projects are financed for the following activities: -

I. Financing individuals for purchase of good quality high yielding milch animals, viz., cows/buffaloes or cross bred cows for milk production.

II. Financing individuals for purchase and rearing of calves upto the stage of first lactation.

III. Financing for other innovative animal husbandry activities, namely, cattle breeding, salvaging of dry pregnant cattle, milk-processing facilities, construction of milk houses, etc.



Bank provides loan for following purposes: -

  • Purchase of good quality high milk cows/buffaloes.
  • Construction of shed(s) for keeping the animals.
  • Purchase of dairy machinery or other equipments of dairy business.
  • Providing fodder for the animals.
  • Cost of transportation of animal from cattle market.
  • Composite loans are also given for purchase of milch cattle and one month concentrate feed requirements as also for cultivation of fodder crops in integrated manner.

>> Individuals undertaking dairying as subsidiary activity.

>> Individuals undertaking commercial dairy as main activity.

EXTENT OF LOAN: Need-based loan is provided. A unit of 2 milch animals is considered viable minimum size for such an activity for continuous production of milk.

REPAYMENT OF LOAN: Loans for purchase of milch animals should be repaid as under: -


Type of Investment

Repayment period (including gestation period)

Loan Installment period

Gestation period


Cross bred cow(s)

5 years

Monthly/ Quarterly

Repayment to be linked with lactation period.



4-5 years


-do -


2 Graded Murrah buffaloes

4-5 years




Cross bred calf rearing

5-6 years


30 months


DAIRY VIKAS CARD SCHEME (Implemented in select States):

PURPOSE: Purchase of good quality high milk yielding cows/buffaloes or exotic cross bred cows; Construction of shed for keeping the animals; Purchase of working capital items like, dairy feeds, veterinary medicines, fodder, dairy machinery or other equipments, etc.

ELIGIBILITY: Landless agricultural labourers or farmers/ individuals having experience in maintaining milch animals.


TYPE OF CARD: PNB Dairy Vikas Card.


EXTENT OF LOAN: Rs.1,00,000/-

Production Credit: Maximum 25% of the limit.
Investment Credit: Minimum 75% of the limit.

Loan shall be disbursed in cash in stages as per requirement of the farmer. The limit shall be availed from the Card Issuing Branch only.

REPAYMENT OF LOAN: Investment credit will be repayable in 5 years with reducing composite cash credit limit on yearly basis. Installments in the account shall be repaid on monthly/quarterly basis.


PURPOSE: Financial assistance is extended for Construction/renovation of ponds/tanks., construction of sluices, purchase of fish prawn, fry and fingerlings/ fish seed/ prawn seed, purchase of inputs like oil cake, fertilizers, organic fertilizers and other feed materials upto the first harvest, purchase of nets, boxes, baskets, ropes, shovels, hooks and other accessories etc.

ELIGIBILITY: Loan assistance is extended to farmers, individuals, co-operative societies, companies, association of persons who have adequate know-how and necessary infrastructural facilities for implementation of the scheme

EXTENT OF LOAN: Need based.

REPAYMENT OF LOAN: Loans need to be repaid within the period specified as under: -

Pond fish culture: 5-8 years including gestation period with yearly mode of repayment.

Brackish water fish/prawn culture: 5-10 years including gestation period with half-yearly mode of repayment.


PURPOSE: Loan can be considered for purchase of mechanized/non-mechanized boats/deep sea fishing vessels/trawlers, purchase of nets - travel net/purse-seine/grill nets, purchase of other deck equipments like travel, winch, wire rope, gallows, net-handler, navigational lights, life jackets, life boats, anchors, direction finders, fish finders, etc. purchase of marine engine. etc.

ELIGIBILITY: Loan is extended to individual(s)/partnership firm(s), co-operative society(ies), limited company(ies) who are technically qualified and having adequate experience to undertake such venture.

EXTENT OF LOAN: Amount of loan will be according to the requirements of project report submitted by intending borrower(s).


Medium Term Loan:
Non-mechanized boats/vessels : 6-7 years.
Mechanized boats: 8-12 years.

Cash Credit Limit: Cash Credit Limit for working capital requirements are renewed every year


PURPOSE: Financial assistance is made available for meeting:

Fixed cost such as Construction of honey houses; purchase of colonies; purchase of equipments like bee-boxes, honey extractors, smokers & bee veil, bee knife, hive tool, queen gate, feeder, solar wax extractor, plastic drums for storing honey, sting proof rubber gloves, etc.

Recurring Costs such as purchase of foundation sheets, sugar, medicines, gloves, etc.

ELIGIBILITY: Small and marginal farmer(s)/ agricultural labourer(s) who are trained in bee keeping and individuals/Association of persons/Companies who possess adequate experience in bee-keeping and are desirous of taking up bee-keeping activity on commercial basis.

EXTENT & NATURE OF LOAN: Need based term loan. Provision for initial recurring costs also forms an integral part of term loan only.

REPAYMENT OF LOAN: Maximum 5 years including gestation period.


PURPOSE: Loan is given for initial expenditure on fencing, purchase of inputs like seeds, fertilizers, plant protection chemicals; Land development, Small gardening equipments.

ELIGIBILITY: Applicant is employed in a Government/Semi-Government unit or in a Co-operative/Private Sector Organization of repute. However, he/she should not be working as an ad-hoc employee; Professional and self-employed person having previous dealings with the financing branch; Pensioner of Central/State Government or other Government Undertakings and should be having pension account with financing branch; Wives of employees of Government/Semi Government bodies and other organizations as aforesaid are also eligible provided loan for the purpose has not been raised by their husbands; Staff members are also eligible provided they have sufficient space to undertake such activities; Applicant must have vacant land in/around residential house with right to use such land; He/she should have a deposit account with bank for at least six months; The applicant should have adequate income for repayment of loan.

NATURE & EXTENT OF LOAN: Short term loan upto Rs.5000/-.



PURPOSE: Construction of green houses, purchase of equipments/machinery/inputs and other requirements including post harvest operations and marketing.

ELIGIBILITY: Progressive farmers who own required agricultural land, having some experience/training in green houses and are following modern Agricultural technologies.

NATURE & EXTENT OF LOAN: Need based. Medium term loan for construction of green house, purchase of equipments, machineries etc. Short term loan for purchase of inputs, labor and post harvest operations may be given under bank's KCC scheme.

REPAYMENT OF LOAN: 5-7 years. For short term credit, repayment period may be of one year or as per KCC scheme.


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Re: Punjab National Bank
test qnswer given from lab

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Re: Punjab National Bank
thank you for the details

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Re: Punjab National Bank
thankz  for the information provided
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