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Sarola Adwai

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Kanda Bajarbhav

Namaskar Sir,

Sir Kanda sathawanuk kadhiparyant karavi tasech sadyache kandyache bajarache rate wadnyache chanses ahet ka. v kandyache bajarbhawachi mahiti mala maze mobile war sms milavi.

Thanks Aaqua team for better result & information.

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Re: Kanda Bajarbhav

कांद्याचा चालू बाजार भाव - (रू प्रति क्वि)

पुणे -
कमाल - 800/-
किमान - 700/-
सरासरी - 750/-

लासलगाव -
कमाल - 649/-
किमान - 261/-
सरासरी - 570/-

खाली दिलेल्या वेबसाइटवर कांद्याचा बाजारभाव दिलेला आहे.


[Above information is based on recommendations from National Agriculture Research System. The Effectiveness of the recommendations varies from place to place with changes in natural resource and climate. Farmers are advised to use the information on their own responsibility. KVK Baramati shall not be responsible for any consequences.]

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