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Animals / पशु > setting goatary in 24 parganas in west bengal  

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West Bengal

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setting goatary in 24 parganas in west bengal
Sir, I would like to start a goatary in my place, the problems seen in certain cases is survivality of goats specially viral infections which can incur huge loses in the process. in cases it is so acute that stock dies within a day or two, doctors unable to treat within this period. I would like to know from where these stocks shoul be purchased which r of good quality and disease resistant stock so survivality is greater. is there any referance book for goat culture? what is the best breed to culture in wb so there is always a higher meat ratio, and good survivality in stocks
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Re: setting goatary in 24 parganas in west bengal
In west bengal,in my knowledge Black Bengal & Ganjam are goat breed which is reared very much.Goat are in stress conditins many times .It may be due to Feed and fodder scarcity,Wtaer scarcity,heavy rains,Inclined weather etc.So for that it may be necessary to give proper shelter,Balanced feeding and preventive measures against diseases like vaccination.
According to your experience,you told that there is viral diseases which causes heavy mortality if your flock.You also note that yet science has not discovered any drug which can kill viruses & also there is no any breed developed in Indian situation which is virus resistance.If you think to bring any new breed of goat in your area then also problem of heavy mortality can be occure.So first study what are lacunas in goat rearing in yiur farm.Consult with veterinarian about management practices in your goat farm.Consult also for time line of various diseases of goats in your area and then decide time table for vaccination.Strictly follow the vaccination.
If posible greeds like Boar which is adaptive for various climatic conditions in the world can be reared your area.As it is good for mutton purpose and having heavy weight ,you need to have good feeding and management practices to be maintained in your farm and under special attantion.Do not hand over this responcibilty to your labour.For Boer goat ,you may contact at following address:-
Nimkar sheep & Goat research institute,
Phaltan,Dist- satara ,Maharashtra
Contact- 02166-221095/262106

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