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New features released in aAQUA

  1. Tag Cloud :New
  2. Popular Keyword Cloud in English and Marathi.


  3. Expert Bulletin Board :New
  4. Bulletin Board for Expert


  5. Custom Search :New
  6. aAQUA Custom Search crawls text,images and video content from various sources.


  7. Ask question - new options (Preferred language of answer and watch a thread) :
  8. Now user can specify the language in which he expects answer from the expert.

    User can also add question to his watch, so that he can receive email alert when the particular question gets answered by the expert.

  9. aAQUA success stories :
  10. http://aaqua.persistent.co.in/aaqua/forum/successstories

  11. Useful links :
  12. List of links useful to farming community.


  13. Forum Statistics on Bar Chart :
  14. No of threads posted on aAQUA are shown graphically on the Bar chart.


  15. RSS feeds - add to Google and Yahoo :
  16. http://aaqua.persistent.co.in/aaqua/forum/rssfeeds

  17. Free crop tips on Mobile :
  18. aAQUA sends free crop tips on to the user mobile. User has to register him self by clicking the "Click Here For Free Crop Tips On Mobile " on the home page.

  19. RSS Feeds :
  20. RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication". It is a way to easily distribute a list of content to a wide number of people. In aAQUA User can see all the Questions posted on to aAQUA forum at one place either monthly or daily also forum wise.

  21. User Feed Back :
  22. User Feed Back is a form where user fills all the details and can add his experiences with the aAQUA and many more details.

  23. Modification Of Bulk SMS Feature In AAQUA :
  24. Bulk SMS feature on aAQUA is used to send SMS to the group of farmers which are associated with the expert.
    Here an expert can add farmer details of his location and send a message to all the farmers at one go.

  25. Localised Content For Experts :
  26. The content on aAQUA can be filtered depending on the language experts can easily understand. Presently we have English, Marathi, Hindi options.Once the expert log on to the forum he can see the language links on the right top of the page.By clicking them he can get the relevant posts.

  27. SMS Registration :
  28. aAqua allowing users to register from mobile phone. sms agro join to 56767666 or 56767666 and follow the instructions.
    Format of sms :    agrocom join

  29. SMS Question :
  30. Now registered users do not have to come to internet ! . The new feaure allows the user to post a question by sms . Send all your questions to 56767666 or 09848356765 and get back expert replies on your mobile. To use this feature , please update your aaqua Profile with valid mobile number.
    Format for asking sms question :    agrocom post < question >

  31. Online Poll :
  32. Aaqua now has an online poll feature. All registered users can take part in the poll and give us their valuable suggestions/comments.

  33. Email a thread:
  34. Now all registerd users can email a thread to friends if they find it useful. You can either email the thread URL or the entire contents of the thread along with your comments.

  35. SPAM management :
  36. A new SPAM management feature on aqua allows filtering/ deleting of SPAM posts . Users who mail SPAM posts frequently on aaqua , will automatically be disabled.

  37. Post a question through Email :
  38. Now registered users do not have to be online for asking a question ! . The new feaure allows the user to post a question by email . Send all your questions to aaqua@persistent.co.in and get back expert replies through email. To use this feature , please validate your mail id in your aaqua Profile.

  39. Advanced search :
  40. Now aaqua's advanced search incorporates parameters like location, synonyms, ranking while displaying the results.

  41. State wise questions :
  42. This feature shows a Pie chart which gives statistics of state wise questions. Clicking on a particular state will list all posts from that state.

  43. Ranking of threads :
  44. Users can give their feedback on usefullness of a thread. Mail us your comments and URL of thread to aaqua@it.iitb.ac.in.